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Traditional Foods

Tradition has flavour and aroma. Dozens of fine quality products are kept in our store giving the most beautiful image of greekness of our products and our originality. Loukoumia, Baklavas, Olives, Marmelades, Spices, Halvas, Honey and olive paste are some of our available categories.


Small sweet bites that melt delightfully in the mouth and flood the senses with Corfu flavors and flavors. They are traditionally served with coffee or a glass of cold water.
They are produced according to the traditional art of loukoumia making with syrup and starch and are flavored with rose water, ouzo, limoncello or kumquat etc.


From the tiny, but very aromatic and rare citrus fruit Kum Quat, grown since 1924 on the island of Corfu, an amazing marmelade is produced. Rich aroma, explosive and slightly bittersweet that is good on buttered bread, chocolate cake, as a filling on biscuits and croissants, as an accompaniment to a plate of cheese and charcuterie.


Dominated by anise and a variety of aromatic herbs (coriander, fennel, star anise, etc.) It is traditionally produced by distillation in bronze tanks and its sweetened taste fits wonderfully with fried fish, roasted fish, sardines steamed mussels, fresh scallops, pumpkins, sun-dried tomatoes, potato salad etc.

Serving Instructions: Place ice cubes or ice water in a tall glass. We serve the ouzo from above and enjoy the unique way the translucent drink turns white as an emulsion.



The tiny and intensely flavored Kum Quat in a light sugar syrup! A wonderful traditional sweet from Kum Quat, grown since 1924 on the island of Corfu. Served with a glass of cold water or garnished with chocolate cakes and creamy desserts.

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Each season has its own special herbs and spices that offer natural protection against various diseases. In winter, tea is one of them. Sage, mountain tea, mint, chamomile, saffron are herbs that exist in many Greek homes.

These herbs are the perfect ingredients for a healthy brew on a cold winter night. If you prefer your brew sweet, you can add Greek honey. Greeks rarely put sugar in it.


As a natural product, herbs have been used since ancient times in Greece. The variety of herbs and spices in the Greek countryside gave the Greeks the ingredients to give their food a special taste and the ability to heal people. This is also evident in the famous saying of Hippocrates, the father of medicine: “Let your medicine be your food and your food your medicine” (ca. 460 – 370 BC).

The rich soil all over the country, the presence of mountains and sea as well as the warm climate, are the perfect combination for herbs to thrive and have excellent quality. Chefs from all over Europe also prefer Greek herbs that grow naturally (for example: chamomile, mountain tea, sage, basil, thyme and oregano).