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The Power of Beauty. Discover and support the beauty coming from nature.

You can find Corfulab, Macrovita, Aphrodite, Herbolive and Nyssos brands in our store, in the cosmetics categories for the face, body and hair.

Cosmetics and essential oils, vegetative soaps, vegetative aromatic shower gels and shampoos, body care products, ass’s milk creams and gift sets are our main products.

Using pure ingredients of the Greek soil such as the extra virgin olive oil, herbs given by the greek nature and honey, we prepare handmade olive oil soaps with the traditional method.

“Love the most precious thing you possess. Your body. Try the Greek beauty products with vegetative ingredients and enjoy their therapeutic qualities today…”

The traditional cosmetic use of the vegetative oils lasts for many centuries, given that their healing effect to the skin has been empirically proven.

The wealth of the nutritious and relieving ingredients make them ideal for maintaining a good and healthy skin, since it offers the necessary nourishment and moisturising. Totally pure, they do not irritate the skin and can be used safely either directly on it or like essential oils for different kinds of massage.

The vegetative cosmetics are products made simply. They combine the healing qualities of the plants and they take them directly to our face, body and hair.

They are cold pressing produced in order to avoid the destroying of the precious ingredients by the warmth. They are also enriched with Vitamin E in order to protect them from oxidation and produced in blue coloured glass containers in order to eliminate the harmful effect of UV rays.

They can not only be used unaltered but also can be mixed together or with essential oils or even with other cosmetics.

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