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Corfu Lab, Premium Quality Branding Products

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Corfulab is not a simple and traditional laboratory but a philosophy of life combining the heritage of our natural and local tradition with the taste culture.

Vegetative and natural cosmetics with biological ingredients respect the natural balance of the living organisms and are suitable to your needs since they are part of the nature. From producing to consuming, all our beauty products come with Corfulab’s guarantee.

The taste of our local tradition creates a mysterious accent of colours and aromas through a wide variety of products, both Greek and Corfiot.

Corfu Lab, Premium Quality Branding Products

In our store, you will find 4 main categories of products with dozens of different packages with western and natural ingredients from the Greek soil.

We love the natural way of living, and thus, we have developed a new method of collection and choice of the original products.

In our own lab, we produce our own products, with our own label, paying attention to the exceptional quality and the natural result for our customers to buy.

We aim at producing products of fine quality with pure traditional ingredients of the Greek soil.

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Corfu Lab Original Brand

Natural Cosmetics

The beauty is hidden in the pure traditional ingredients. All our products have the necessary certification and are checked for the quality of their ingredients.